A secluded ryokan with beautiful hot springs and gourmet food.

In the south of Yamagata, just a stone’s throw from Yonezawa city, nestled between mountains, rice fields and river you’ll find the hot spring town of Onogawa Onsen. Established in 834 and connected with Ono no Komachi, here one can fully enjoy the flavours and beautiful views particular to each season.

From March 11, as part of measures taken to counter the spread of Coronavirus, instead of the buffet-style breakfast in the main building we will serve meals in individual rooms. From morning orders for Gyudon (beef on rice) or Imoni (beef and potato hotpot) will be taken. This change is for an undecided period, in accordance with the changing situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our guests and ask for your kind understanding.